The Grande École Program

The School is historically renowned for its traditional Grande École Program, a prestigious program that takes students from the beginning of their higher education studies through to a master’s degree. Students are eligible for admission immediately after graduating high school. This five-year program is divided into a three-year BBA and two-year Master program, either of which can also be completed independently.

Bachelor in International Business

Bachelor in International Business offers students a top-quality education in some of the job market’s most valued fields, preparing them to enter the workforce with a running start.

Masters of Science

IÉSEG’s Masters of Science programs portfolio is designed for students willing to live a fully cross-cultural and international experience.


The IÉSEG MBA programs are designed for candidates interested in improving their managements kills and seeking a specific management position. They offer executives and managers the opportunity to become expert in international top management positions.

Spring & Summer Programs

IÉSEG’s Spring & Summer programs portfolio is designed for students willing to benefit from IESEG’s academic excellence and multicultural environment while enjoying Paris.

Executive Education

For managers who want to move on and progress in their sector, IÉSEG School of Management proposes programs and courses in Management to suit their specific needs.

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